How to Prepare Your Chiropractic Expert for Cross-Examination

by Charles Theisler DC, JD, MD
Every attorney has a duty to prepare clients thoroughly for trial. However, few attorneys have the time and materials necessary to fully prepare chiropractic experts for the vast array of questions they may encounter during cross-examination. This is troubling given that a chiropractic expert’s performance during cross-examination may make or break the personal injury case and depends, in large part, upon how well they have been prepared.

Fortunately, a book is now available that contains more than 3,000 cross-examination questions designed specifically for chiropractors. Most questions include carefully reasoned and well-constructed model responses. These guidelines are long overdue because neither the professional literature nor professional training programs for chiropractors address the extensive preparation that is necessary in the event of a lawsuit.

No greater or more cost-effective tool exists to prepare attorneys with a chiropractic expert for trial, and that treating expert for the real-life rigors of cross-examination. Take advantage of this site’s free questions below to test your expert’s readiness for trial. Then download this invaluable text in order to access the practical understanding, clinical reasoning, and medical references needed to prepare your witness to be a knowledgeable, reasonable, and competent expert!

Allow a chiropractor with over 20 years experience, a practicing attorney and trained medical physician help prepare your chiropractic witness for cross-examination.

What you will learn

Scientifically establish chiropractic care as the best and most effective treatment available for spinal pain.

No more worrying about whether your expert witness will hold up under cross-examination.

As a personal injury attorney, do you dread chiropractic cases? It's true, chiropractors often make less than optimal expert witnesses. Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

Your chiropractor has difficulty articulating what he does and why he does it... and why he did it for your client.

Chiropractors are not typically treated with respect by defense attorneys or accepted as experts in the eyes of jurors.

Your expert is easily confused or mislead under the rigors of cross-examination.

The chiropractor is often taken by surprise, even with seemingly obvious questions.

No more! Chiropractors are like cases, in that they too need to be prepared. Most attorneys do not have the time, materials, or the inclination to fully prepare a treating expert for trial.

This book trains your expert to excel in a courtroom setting so that the underlying facts resulting from the collision and evaluation process as well as attacks on the profession and the witness are better managed through a solid scientific framework.

Fortunately, that preparation has never been easier or more efficient with "How to Prepare Your Chiropractic Expert for Cross-Examination"

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How to Prepare Your Chiropractic Expert for Cross-Examination


This book will guide your expert to:

  • Give thoughtful, well-reasoned answers to challenging questions.
  • Stay cool under pressure of even the toughest cross-examination.
  • Articulate exactly what chiropractors do, and why they do it.
  • Stick to the expert's role and not be led astray by the opposing attorney.
  • Supply scientifically based responses that are consistent with the medical literature.

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About Charles Theisler

Charles Theisler started practicing as a doctor of chiropractic in 1977 and continued in that field for over 20 years. During that time, he graduated from the University of Akron School of Law and successfully passed the bar. He lectured on the postgraduate faculty for National University of Health Sciences and was a popular speaker for NCMIC.

Thereafter, Theisler sought further training in the medical field and secured an MD degree from Grace University School of Medicine.

Throughout his career, he published regularly in both books for the chiropractic profession as well as literature reviews in scientific journals such as Pain Management, Chiropractic Medicine, and the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Theraputics.

These credentials support his efforts on offering reasoned and knowledgeable advice in the area of personal injury testimony. Such advice is overdue because it has been absent from the literature and from professional training for most chiropractors.

Theisler continues to practice law in his home state of Ohio.

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